Tuesday, October 18, 2011

8-9 Month Update

During her 8th month, Amoriyah started saying “dada”! Of course, Brandon was thrilled. We don’t really think she connected that word yet to him, but it was still fun to hear!

Shortly after that, she started waving bye-bye. As with most things, when she first accomplishes something or figures something out, she does it a lot or all the time and then just stops. She definitely did that with waving. In fact, she just very recently started it again, at 14 months.

She also was officially “army’ crawling toward the end of April. It was so funny to watch her scoot herself across the room. Welcome baby-proofing. :D

My mom and I took her to Target On April 21st to have her 9-month/Easter pictures taken. They are so cute!

Also, in early April, Brandon was offered a job at Wyndham Worldwide in Springfield, Missouri. After months of praying and seeking advice, we had decided that moving to this city was the best move for our family, as God has been calling us to church plant. So, we made the big move from Texas to Missouri. His first day was on April 11th, but Amoriyah and I weren’t able to join him in our new rental home (pictures coming someday) for a couple of weeks so that we could finish up things in Texas. We were ready to see him after those 2 weeks!

Her eating and sleeping patterns didn’t really change during these 2 months. Also, because of the move, I wasn’t able to take her into the doctor for her 9 month appointment so I’m not really sure what her weight and height were this month.


Playing with Ethan during our spring break visit to Missouri

A trip to Bass Pro Shop, first time riding as a big girl in the cart!

First time swinging!

Brandon's birthday is on April 13th, but since we knew he'd already be in Missouri by then, we had a little outing to Medieval Times the week before he left.

My mom and I took her out to get bluebonnet pictures before we left Texas, a must for this native Texan baby :)

First Easter

She started making this face and she still does it to this day all the time :)

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